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Early LifeEdit

"We've been firing for a good while now, sir. It's apparent now that the Spanish nor we will gain a clear advantage in this business. If we continue to expel our ammunition at this rate, we might endanger our ability to support the advance."- Alexander Johnson to Ishmael Venables

Alexander Johnson was born on 1714 to a wealthy farmer and a housewife mother. He was the only child in the family, once he was a young boy he would read some books about artillery and cannons. This would change his life to become a Colonel of the 1st British Artillery. At the age of 16, he ask his father permission to join the Royal Navy's Academy his father declined his offer. But one night he packs his things and left a letter on the table for his family. Then he went off to Liverpool in England to become a Colonel of the Artillery Regiment.

Royal Navy's AcademyEdit

Alexander's Gun

After one year at age of 17, he enter the academy as he and the others cadets. The trainer came in as Alexander got up and saluted to him "Sir!, Cadet Johnson reporting for duty!", "Aye cadet order your men now! Get in formation and head to your cannon position!", "Aye aye sir!". He got his men in order as the instructor order him to fire his cannon!. Alexander fire his first cannon toward some dummies, he begin to smile and begin to work hard for the academy. After months of serving in the academy, Alexander Johnson was once again! Captain of the 1st Regiment of Artillery. He finally graduate with the rest of the marines but one day a Major came in and order Johnson and his regiment to join with him at Mar Del Plata because of the Spanish attack one of the fleet. Alexander was in shock! So he order his boys to match with him to the Major HQ.

Battle of Mar Del PlataEdit

After years of fighting in Spain, it was time for Alexander to command his regiment to strike at a island call Mar Del Plata. As he meet his commander and saluted to him, asking him where he can places his cannons against the spaniard. His commander replies back to him. "Lieutenant place your guns by here once those dagos comes, I'll let you know we will strike those ships down!" As he saluted he order his artillery's men to place the guns, at noon Alexander got up from his bed as he got in his uniform and his sword. He went outside and see some spaniards ship sinking some British vessels, as his commander was riding on his horse and he shout out "Lieutenant Johnson! Get your Artillery in position!!", he salute to him as he shouted out the orders to the artillery crew.

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