Rank Category Pay
First General of Marines High Commanding Officer 250,000 a week
Second General of the Marines High Commanding Officer 245,000 a week
Third General of the Marines High Commanding Officer 240,000 a week
Fourth General of the Marines High Commanding Officer 235,000 a week
Lieutenant General Corps Commander 225,000 a week
Major General Division Commander 220,000 a week
Brigadier General Brigade Commander 215,000 a week
Colonel Regiment Commander 200,000 a week
Lieutenant Colonel Regiment Commander 195,000 a week
Major Battalion Commander 180,000 a week
Captain Company Commander 175,000 a week
Commander Company Commander 170,000 a week
Lieutenant Commander Commissioned Officer 150,000 a week
First Lieutenant Commissioned Officer 145,000 a week
Second Lieutenant Commissioned Officer 140,000 a week
Acting Lieutenant Enlisted Officer 60,000 a week
Sergeant Major Enlisted Officer 50,000 a week
First Sergeant Enlisted Officer 40,000 a week
Sergeant Enlisted Officer 30,000 a week
Corporal Enlisted Officer 20,000 a week
Lance Corporal Enlisted Soldier 10,000 a week
Private Enlisted Soldier 5,000 a week

Note: 1,000 gold is the equivalent of 1 pound

Duties and GoalsEdit

As a new recruit in the Royal British Marines, it is important to know who, and what you are fighting for. The British Marines were organized for one simple reason: the protection of the crown, and to dispatch all those who speak against her. In times of war, the marines will be called upon to fight England's enemies. It is your duty as a soldier to fight with dignity, and never let down your country.

In addition to protecting their great nation and the royal family, the average marine soldier strides to rise through the ranks and gain notice of their commanders. The main thing commanding officers are looking for in a soldier is not how well they can fight in battles, but how dedicated they are, and how much honor they display in serving their nation. By doing so, you will be promoted.