Royal British Cavaliers
Some attributes
First Commander: Colonel Ishmael Venables
Second Founder: Colonel Ishmael Venables
Third Other Commanders: Lt. Colonel Mark Ironskull,Major Peter Plankwrecker
Other attributes


The Royal Cavaliers make up the Cavalry of Great Britain & Ireland. They were formed in March 1746 by Ishmael Venables, with approval of Johnny Goldtimbers. After seeing that the Royal Army had no real Cavalry, Venables organized an elite unit to serve as the Royal Cavalry of Great Britain. 

Cavaliers Edit

The Cavaliers form the bulk of the Cavalry, and are lead by Colonel Ishmael Venables. 

  1. Colonel Ishmael Venabkes ~ Killer Angel
  2. Lt.Colonel Mark Ironskull ~ Old War Horse
  • Joseph Bluehound - Sir Doughnut 
  • Edward Sharkbane - Candle 
  • Alroy - Mary 
  • Jarot Decksteel - Pony 
  • Jason Blue - Bill
  • Jack Stromrage - Moses
  • Harris Dogood - Lightning 
  • Christopher Sunwallace - Blackhawk 
  • Lawrence Ironrage - Buttercup
  • Manly Crystal - George
  • Jessie Hexvane - Butch
  • Jeffrey Ironbones - Light 
  • Ishamel. Jr. Venables - Radar
  • Peter Plankwrecker - Beast

Green DragoonsEdit

The Dragoons are a small elite unit in the Cavaliers led by Colonel Ishmael Venables. 

  1. Captain Ishmael Venables ~ Killer Angel 
  • Lt. Jack Goldwash ~ Bouncer 
  • Cpl. Ishamel Jr. Venables- Radar
  • Sgt. Peter Plankwrecker - Beast