All 3 guilds, British Eitc Military, United Allies, and OUTLAWS brought an outstanding victory for the British! The guilds sailed as fleets, each ship representing the guild. RULE BRITTANIA!

To Pearson, I am not bragging your defeat, yet I am happy we fought today... I rather enjoyed the fight.

To Johnny Goldtimbers- We thank you the most for leading the British, may god help you live about 200 years older. WE LOVE YA BRO-Max, Eric Machawk, and Jarod

To Sven Daggersteel- To be added from the king To Maxamillion- To be added from the king To Eric Machawk- To be added from the king To Mr. Jarod-To be added from the king To the United Allies and Outlaws guild-To be added by the king. To Jason- To be added from the king


  • The beginning of the battle
  • End of the battle
  • Julius admitting defeat
  • Beginning of the battle, winning, Great game!
  • Near, err, about 2 hours after the beginning.
More screen shots soon to come.