Looking at recent events, England was falling. Today, First Sea Lord Sven Daggersteel, and Prime Minister Johnny Goldtimbers, took about 20 men to the French island for training. Every man had respect, and was in some what, proper uniform. Everybody treated eachother like family, there was no dis-respect at all. All these men showed quality in their training, ready for anything. Their SvS skills were amazing, as well as pvp. Long live England!

The mens awaiting orders


The mens presenting arms!


The mens take aim of their rifles


Cutlass out!!!

Commands were used to train these men.

The men using Shoulder Arms Commands- Shoulder Arms -(Take your musket out)

Present - (Aim) then fire

Stow Arms-(Musket Down)

En-Garde-(Sword Out)

Stow Arms-(Sword Down)

All these commands were truly used around the 1700's. The men Presenting Arms.

En-garde position


The Division getting their promotions from Jonathan Goldtimbers and Sven Daggersteel

After training, Our Prime Minister gave promotions that made sense. I also made a new rank of, The Royal Janitor. Truly Yours-