Invasion of GalairaEdit



Around 8:40 PM, EST, September 3, 1744 (2011), Lord Johnny Coaleaston and Lord Jeremiah Garland of the EITC First Division officially commenced with the invasion. They arrived on Cuba minutes after and started the assault. They met four pirates in the swamps, who put up little resistance. These pirates were killed and slowly drifted out to sea, while Lieutenant Daggersteel and Lord Coaleaston started for the main beach. Near a dinghy three pirates were met, and one, seeing the two men charging, quickly retreated. The other two were killed. Upon reaching the potions table, the two pirates there immediately surrendered. Lieutenant Daggersteel and Lord Coaleaston then split up, finding no pirates in the tavern. A pirate was shot down trying to flee to the Shipwright, and another was wounded upon landing on the island. There were no pirates in the tattoo shop or talior shop, and after searching the island one more time, the two soldiers discovered they had taken Cuba!



No resistance met. Lieutenant Jack, Lieutenant Daggersteel, and Lord Coaleaston took Tortuga!