Lagertha Venables
Some attributes
First Born: London, England
Second Parents: Ishmael "Killer Angel" Venables (Father)

Caternia Venables (Mother)

Rosanna Venables (Aunt)

Third Siblings: Margeant Venables (Older Sister)

Ishamel Venables Jr. (Youngest Brother)

Ivar Venables (Youngest Brother)

Other attributes

Early LifeEdit

She was born on May 1, 1746 to Ishmael "Killer Angel" Venables and Caternia Venables. She has a oldest sister and a youngest brother, her oldest sister name is Margeant Venables and her youngest brother is Ishamel Venables Jr.. At the age of 4, she learn to speak by her mother and her walking by her father, She loves to read some books, love to hang out with her sister and love to mess around with her brother.

Age 4Edit

At the time, Lagertha was learning to how to talk and how to walk by her mother and father, Her mother Caternia say that all of her children are her favorite because she love them so much. One time, she was in her mothers arm as she said "Momma" to her. Her mother was very proud of her and hug her.