Lord Robert Macmonger was born in England and always wanted to join the Royal Navy. Then finally he got a postion in the EITC so he took it. Then Lord Matthew Blastshot gave him the postion of Second Sea Lord. Lord Robert Macmonger is currently a Royal Navy member. He's cool to hang out with and will fight for his king to the death. I can be seen on Antik mainly. I mainly on Tormenta trying to get to Lv 30! Right now anyway. I'm on Antik mainly because my guild's there but I go to Abassa to fight jumper noobs :P I pvp alot lately but not alot to master pvp infamy. I like sabres better than broadsword and i love to lv up grenade. Recently working on the Raven's Cove quest to get Spinecrest Blade and get staff ( even though i hate staff ). Finally finished Raven's Cove Quest! Also Macmonger was recently told that he's in fact the son to Robert Shipstealer, the current Shah of Persia.