T-4 Alroy
Some attributes
First Born: Gibraltar
Second Rank:Technician 4th Grade
Third Affiliation: 1st Marine Division
Other attributes

Early lifeEdit

Alroy was born in Gibraltar , October 17, 1728, to a father, and a mother.He quit elementary school when he nearly graduated. He worked with Clothing for money as he got older.

Third Saxon-Angus WarEdit

He enlisted to the Marines at Gibraltar, in 1742. Even though he wasn't a doctor, he was made a combat medic, and worked hard for his position. He was put in King's Company, 1at Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, EITC First Division, at Camp Toccoa. He trained under Captain Roe, who was known for his unfairness.

After Venables, Alroy made the jump at Fort Smith, and did extra training at Camps Mackall, and Shanks. He then headed to England in 1744.

He landed into Caribbean with the Company on June 6, 1745, part of Operation Fishhead, and grouped with the company at Padres. After the attack on Mar Del Plata, he was seen treating wounded soldiers. While he was treating Captain Ishmael Venables, Winters asked him what was wrong with Private Blithe. He called it hysterical blindness. Winters told Blithe that Blithe was gonna be evacuated, when Blithe suddenly could see again. Roe couldn't explain it, but Winters thought it was the talk he and Blithe had.

After , Alroy and the Division headed to Holland on September 17, part of Operation King's Marines. He was wounded in the leg that day, and returned to the Company a few days later.

Sometime around October, 1st Lt. Destroyer was wounded by friendly fire. Alroy helped evacuate him, and was furious saying "Jesus, were you trying to kill him?!" at Capt. Ishmael and Mark who gave him morphine but never told Alroy how much.

They left Tortuga on November 26th, and headed to the village of Raven Cove at the Coral Sea, part of the Battle of the Raven Cove, on December 17. There, casualties were mounting at a rapid rate, and he began running out of supplies. When PFC. Alex Penkala was wounded in the arm, he tried telling him he didn't want to go to the aid station. "Well, you're in luck, Penkala. We ain't got no aid station."

Later, when Pvt. Wayne Sisk was wounded more seriously by mortar fire, Alroy evacuated him to a hospital in Kingshead.

In the War, Alory is shown meeting a Belgian nurse named Renee, and develops a bond with her. An actual nurse named Renee Lemaire was in Germany at the time and, though there is no evidence that Alroy ever really met her, it is possible that he may have. In the series, it shows that she eventually dies during a bombing leaving a distraught Roe to find only part of her clothing that remains of her.

After , Alroy helped with the occupation of Spain, and treated the prisoners of war camp they found.