Johnathan Francis Anthony O' Reilly was born on November 11, 1730, in an Irish homestead in the city of Dublin. His father, Edward O' Reilly was the Governor of that city and a diplomat to England, and his mother, Elizabeth O' Reilly was the daughter of a prominent military officer serving in the Royal Army. Johnathan was the second born child in his family, James being the first, born in 1727, and Anna and Connor, twins, born in 1733. This book is the first edition in the series The O' Reilly Series.

Chapter IEdit

Young Johnathan slowly woke up on a sunny August morning to the sound of horses outside. He sat up, and watched with curious eyes down at the road below his open window, his father's carriage was already being readied. Johnathan looked across the vast meadows surrounding his home, the stables in the distance. He could see for miles, or so his young seven year old eyes thought. The servants were bustling about downstairs, preparing breakfast for the O' Reilly family, and as Johnathan looked back outside his window, he saw his father, in a blue and buff jacket with, gold lacing, bicorne in hand. His awards were pinned to his chest with pride, and he stepped into his carriage, footman close at hand. He stopped, stooping his head back out through the doorway, waved to Johnathan, and stepped back in. The coachmen chanted "Yah, yah!" and the horses warmed up to a trot as they left the driveway and entered the road. Johnathan pressed his face against the window, wishing that someday he would be the man that went off to government buildings to settle important nation-wide matters. Johnathan spun back around, and as he began to move towards his desk, there was a knock on the door.

"Mrs. O' Reilly's compliments, and you are to come downstairs for your breakfast, Master O' Reilly." the servant said and bowed. Johnathan nodded, and pulled on his slippers to leave the room. He doddled about the halls, observing the portraits of famous military leaders, and sighed. They had never meant much to him.