Red Stallion
Some attributes
First Ordered: December 11, 1739
Second Launched: July 1740
Third Type of a Ship: Warbrig
Other attributes
Fourth Cannon: 20 Guns


In 1745, Ishmael Venables felt that he would use a vessel to command his crew into battle with the British. So he decided to name his vessel the "Red Stallion" and ask Peter Plankwrecker to be his First mate, Two days went by and Peter accepted it and gather the crew for him and the ship. So they raided the ship at a Spanish port and killed the captain and his crew. So Ishmael is now captain of the ship, and ask him crew to set course at Gibratlar so they could rejoin the Noble Titan and rest of the fleet.


Captain: Ishmael Venables First Mate: Peter Plankwrecker Quartermaster:Chris Warhawk Boatswain:Ishamel Jr. Venables


Matthews Styles Harris Dogood Alroy (Doctor, Surgeon) Matthew (Cook) Jack John James Hammond