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The Elite of The RegimentEdit

The Twenty First Regiment of Foots Light Company is Commanded by Captain Richard Venables.

Light Companies are designed to be able to go to the places where normal infantry just cant get to, they Are normally the first to go into a Escalade, They are known as the elite of the Army and as of such have been given many crude nicknames by their Normal Infantry counterparts such as 'Glory Boys' 'Toy Soldeirs' And 'Coaleasterns Fairhaired Boys'

But the Light Company troops take a perverse pride in this and they always say that other infantry companies just can't handle the heat of battle like they can. The Light Companys are always Important and have reputation as the heroes of the hour. they pretty much rock!

The Twenty First Regiments Light CompanyEdit

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The 21st Light Company

The 21st Light Company Commanded by Captain Richard Venables and Posted currently in the City of Alexandria in Egypt. They are a company of hardened veterans who have seen battle before and are compedent Fighters.

They are very strict about their Drill and Appearence and when they aren't Training Or Polishing their Boots, They can be seen Hunting practicing their aiming and reload speed.


1.Troopers are to respect their officers and show respect by saluting them as they pass.

2.Troopers Caught Stealing Will be Hung.

3.Troopers Caught having Carnel knowledge of any beast will be punished

4.Troopers who ignore a white flag will be court marshalled

5.Troopers and Officer are to have a clean Presentation on all occasions

6.Officers are to be on time with their mess bills

7.Troopers caught Drunk will be Punished with twenty two lashes

8.Troopers Who Assault an Officer will be Court Marshalled

9.Officers who leave their position during battle will be court marshalled

10.Deserters Will be Shot!

11.Officers will be promoted when they are ready or as chosen by Lord Coaleastern or Captain Venables.

12.Officer who show great courage MAY be Awarded with a Decoration

Regimental MembersEdit

  • Major Richard Venables
  • Captain Richard Lutheran
  • Lieutenant Jeremiah Steelblade
  • Captain Henry Daggerpaine
  • Ensign William Steelwrecker
  • Colour Sergeant Nathan Redsteel
  • Lance Coporal Nicholas Sharkhayes
  • Private Dakota
  • Private Hector MacSwain
  • Private Matthew Killbane
  • Private Inbanana Bones
  • Private Wrecker
  • Private Hector Maclean
  • Private John Allsopp
  • Private Harry Pierce
  • Private Ronald Burns
  • Private William Jones
  • Private Jimmy "Smiley Face" Brawlswain
  • Private "Hook"
  • Surgeon Major Elisa Morgan
  • Commissar Henry Blademorgan
  • Commissar Jason Shiprat

Regimental GalleryEdit