This document is hereby published to officially state that Great Britain has declared it's first, and hopefully last, war on the Spanish Empire.

War Provocations

With support from nations such as France, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Prussia, The Netherlands, Saxony, and Italy, Britain hereby declares war on the following grounds.

-Spain has become a corrupt hellpit, riddled with nothing but political fiends.

-Countless many have suffered from performed genocides and Inquisitions.

-Men, women, and children alike have suffered cruel fates from the dictator, King Philip V.

-Spain's once-great Empire crumbles from a lack of gold, wasted on countless attacks upon Britain's shores.

-The Holiday Ceasefire was broken deliberately by the Spanish flagship itself.

Terms of War for All British Soldiers

All British forces are hereby allowed by his most gracious majesty, King George, to open fire on any Spanish vessel. All attacks on cities and seiges must be run through by either His Majesty, or the Prime Minister, Giovanni Goldtimbers. Intentional murder of women or children will be treated as an act of inhumane treatment, and is punishable, in a most severe case, by dishonourable dischargement. Taking prisoners is encouraged, and killing should only be executed if said person has grown violent, and is a danger to either soldiers, or fellow prisoners.

Results if a Defeat of Spain Should Occur

Should Spain be vanquished, it's leader de-throned, the following procedure will take place.

-British forces will occupy Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville, until a new monarch is fairly seated upon the throne. From then on, embassies will be set up in the cities, with a constant guard.

-A new monarch shall be chosen by the monarchs of surrounding nations.

-Efforts to rebuild destroyed and ravaged areas shall be put in place.

-All Spaniards, except main political leaders, will be given amnesty.

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